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household pellet mill

Household pellet mill is also called small pellet mill, homemade pellet mill, home pellet mill, diy pellet mill or pellet press for home use. GEMCO small pellet mill for sale is flat die designed. A series of rollers are above the horizontal die of the pelleting machine, which is called flat die. When making pellets, the die is stationary while the rollers rotate to compress the powders of raw material into the small holes in the flat die to form pellets. And a series of knives on the other side of flat die will cut the emerged pellets into the same length immediately. Household pellet mill is usually used for small scale wood or feed pellets production, usually at home or on farm for individual uses.

Household pelletizer enjoys obvious advantages, such as: small size, light weight, compact structure, easy mobility, low noise and low power consumption.
GEMCO pellet press for home use can make biomass pellets from a wide variety of raw materials, such as: sawdust, rice husk, wood shavings, pine wood, crop residues like wheat straw, rice straw and corn stalk, grass like miscanthus and reed canarygrass, switchgrass, alfalfa, EFB ( Empty Fruit Brunches ), bamboo, bagasse, peanut shell, fallen leaves and tree branches, etc.

What's more, these small pellet mill can also be used to make feed pellets from oil cakes, agro-residues like peanut seedling, grass, maize straw, wheat straw, grain, wheat bran etc, flour by-products, cereals and molasses, and so on.

Biomass pellets made by GEMCO flat die pellet mill are mainly for individual or home use like heating and burning, or horse bedding. Pellets made by small pellet mill can make full use of the fallen leaves, waste grass on your lawn, peanut shells and waste papers, etc. It’s certainly a win-win strategy to make biomass pellets at home. You can really turn wastes into treasure.

GEMCO small pellet mill for home use can be driven by 4 different powers: electric engine, diesel engine, gasoline engine, and PTO. GEMCO flat die sawdust pellet mill has large pellets output capacity (500-800kg/h for sawdust pellets). Compared with ring die pellet mill, which is usually known for its large capacity, this pelletizer is more easily to change die and rollers when necessary.

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