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hammer mill

Hammer mill has wide application in pulverizing the raw material into powders before pelletizing in pellets making lines. Generally, hammer mill is widely used to grind branches, wood shavings, sawdust, straw, cotton and corn stalks, bagasse, alfalfa, switch grass and peanut shells, etc. GEMCO has two different kinds of hammer mills for you to choose: Small capacity hammer mill (small hammer mill) and large capacity hammer mill (large hammer mill). Each hammer mill has its own special features and advantages.

Small Hammer Mill

Small hammer mill refers to the FSP series hammer mill, which has two different driving forces: electric motor and diesel engine. This kind of hammer mill cuts large pieces of materials with the diameter around 30mm into smaller pieces with the diameter from 2mm to 5mm.
Pictures of GEMCO Hammer Mill
electric hammer mill Hammer Mill with Electric Engine
diesel hammer mill Hammer Mill with Diesel Engine

Technical Data of FSP Series Hammer Mill (Electric motor)

Model Output Capacity (kg/h) Power Screen mesh (standard) Hammer Quantity Diamesion (mm) Weight (kg)
FSP 158B 100-200 2.2KW Single phase 4 16 750*450*730 75/85
FSP 198B 240-400 3KW 3 phase 4 16 1000*750*1120 120/135
4KW 3 phase
FSP 420B 800-1000 7.5KW 3 phase 5 16 1200*1000*1220 250/270
11KW 3 phase 300/320
FSP500B -28 1000-1200 11KW 3 phase 5 16 2200*1000*1020 470/500
15KW 3 phase 500/530
FSP500B -40 1200-1700 22KW 3 phase 5 24 2200*1050*1020 710/755
30KW 3 phase 2200*1100*1270 800/835
FSP500B -60 1700-2100 37KW 3 phase 5 36 2300*1150*1350 1150/1230

Technical Data of FSP Series Hammer Mill (Diesel engine)

Model Output Capacity (kg/h) Power Screen mesh (standard) Hammer Quantity Diamesion (mm) Weight (kg)
FSP420A15 800-1000 15hp 5 16 1650*800*1120 370/390
FSP420A22 800-1000 22hp 5 16 1650*800*1120 390/410
FSP500A -28 1000-1200 22hp 5 16 1650*800*1120 370/390
FSP500A -40 1200-1700 55hp 5 24 2250*1150*1270 995/1065

Working principles of wood hammer mill

When you feed wood chips into the crushing chamber through the hopper, they are crushed by the hit of hammer and the rub of toothed plates. Then, there is a centrifugal fan sucking the crushed wood chips into a storage bag. The FSP wod hammer mill can achieve micro grinding and powder separation at the same time.

Features of FSP series hammer mill

  • FSP series hammer mill adopts high-speed strong wind suction grinding system and dust suction device. Its blade is made of high-carbon alloy steel.
  • FSP series hammer mills feature scientific structure and small size. They are suitable for home use and small-scale production, easy to move, operate and maintain.
  • This series of hammer mills are equipped with an airflow regulation valve, which allows you to adjust the fineness of products without stopping the machine.
  • High yield and production rate, low energy consumption and noise. No dust pollution. Stable performance and long working life.
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Large Hammer Mill

Large hammer mill refers to the FSPZ series hammer mill. This hammer mill is able to pulverize both granule and flake materials. Wood pellet plant and wood pellets making line needs this hammer mill to make the raw materials well-prepared.
Pictures of GEMCO Large Hammer Mill
large hammer mill
large hammer mill

This wood hammer mill adopts welded-steel plate construction. Rotors of both the electromotor and hammer mill are situated in the same foundation and driven directly by the pin coupling. Rotors, verified through dynamic balancing, can prolong life span of quick-wear parts in forward and reverse way. Hammer mill’s feeding inlet is able to get coupled with a variety of feeding facilities, with hammer blades aligned symmetrically.

Technical Data of FSPZ Series Hammer Mill
Model FSPZ56*40 FSPZ60*45 FSPZ132*50
Power (Kw) 37  55 110
Capacity (t/h) 1 2 4
This hammer mill is multi grinding chamber designed to increase pulverizing efficiency by 15%. It reduces a broad variety of friable and fibrous materials into very fine products in uniform size ranges from 20 to 300 mesh (versus 50 mesh [250 micron] for some competitive machines). The special connection of coupling makes it less vibration and easier to be installed. What’s more, this series of wood hammer mill have an extra quarter screen located in the hinged section of the top case, increasing screen area by approximately 50% over that of conventional designs, for a total of 270°.

Features of FSPZ Series Hammer Mill

  • Durability, easy operation, slight vibration and high efficiency.
  • Stable running thanks to the well balanced rotors.
  • Customized size for specific applications.
  • Various sizes of fan to match mill's throughput
  • Heavy plate construction with internal ribbed liner plates
  • Pulverizing room is wide enough for wood’s crushing.
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