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Pine pellets are widely used in pellet stove, horse bedding and cat litters thanks to woody pine's unique advantages. A pine pellet mill realizes your idea of making pine wood pellets. The following are how to make pine pellets and detailed benefits of using pine pellets in pellet stove, horse stall and kitty litter.
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How to make pine pellets?

Usually, how to make pine pellets depends on what you want from your own pine wood pellets. As we all know, pine pellets are mainly used for pellet stoves, horse beddings and cat litters. However, the point lies in whether you want to make pine pellets for your own individual use or to make them for selling in market.

Make Pine Pellets with Small Pine Pellet Mill

If it happens that you live around some pine trees and you just want to make pine pellets to meet your own needs. Then a small hammer mill and a small pine wood pellet mill for home use is enough for you.
small hammer mill and small pine pellet mill for home use

All you need is to collect pine wooden materials like pine leaves, pine twigs and pine needles, etc. Then crush them with a small hammer mill for home usages to guarantee that their size is small enough for later pelletizing in pellet machine.

After crushing with a small hammer mill, dry them in the sun to make sure that the powders have suitable moisture content, which is very important for the final pine pellets’ combustion value.

After all of this work, you simply need to put these pine powders into the feeder of the small pine pellet machine. And the pine wood pelletizer will compress them into the small holes of the flat die in the machine, which makes pine powders under high temperature and strong pressure. During this pelletizing process, pine wooden materials release its lignin, which functions as binder to help the powders shape into pine pellets. Since the small pine pellet maker’s pellet output rate is not very high, so there is no need to consider cooling the final pellets. The pine pellets you get will cool down to normal temperature naturally.

After pelleting in pine wood pellet maker, you will get your desired pine pellets for burning in your stoves as fuel, using in cat litter and horse bedding, etc.

Set Up Pine Wood Pellets Plant with Large Pine Pellets Machine

If you want to invest in pine wood pellets manufacturing, you need to establish a complete pine pellets line. Choosing a good industrial pine wood pellet mill is important because pine pellet machine’s quality is a key factor of final pellets’ quality.

The whole pine wood pellet plant usually contains wood crusher, hammer mill, stone and dust separator, rotary dryer, large industrial pine wood pelletizer, pellet cooler and pellet packaging machine. Below is the 3D design chart of the complete pine pellet making plant for establishing biomass pellets manufacturing projects.
pine pellet plant's design

As a leading supplier of pellet mill, we have been devoted into the research and development of pelleting machines for decades. You can send us your pine samples and we will make pine pellets with our pelletizer for you, which is free. Then we will offer you a report about how to make pine pellets with highest btu, together with our pine pellet makers’ output rate. What’s more, we offer a warm turn-key service from the very beginning to the end. Please feel free to contact us at any time about any problem related to pine pellets manufacturing you encounter.

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Pine Pellets Uses

Pine pellets are widely used in pellet stoves, animal bedding (especially horse bedding) and cat litter. Below are the detailed reasons for using pine pellets in these fields.

Pine Pellets for Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves are widely used in Europe and other western countries. Pine pellets, sometimes called pine wood pellets, are easily to grab several bags as they are sold either for heating or horse bedding and cat litter. Pine pellets leaves litter ash after burning and its ash can also be used as fertilizer in your garden or on your farm. Pine pellet has high combustion value (about 9600 btu/lb). What’s more, using pine pellets for heating or cooking is still much cheaper than oil. Therefore, more and more families choose pine pellets as fuel in their pellet stoves.
pine pellets for stove

Pin Pellet Horse Bedding

Generally speaking, if equine pine pellets are used in horse bedding, cleaning horse stall is much easier and more economical than wood shavings and straws. Pine pellets absorb four times their weight in liquid and naturally neutralize the ammonia odor in urine. Equine pine pellets are dust-free, mold, bacteria and insect resistant. Pine wood pellets form a comfortable sterile bedding layer, and they are slightly crumbled to increase the surface area which neutralize odor and absorbs moisture on contact. Pine pellets for horse bedding make the stall clean, dry and odor free. The following are some of the specific reasons why use equine pine pellets for horse bedding.
pine pellets for horse bedding

  • High Heat Treated to Remove Allergens: In the pelletizing process, the pine wood powder is strongly heated to form pellets under high pressure. Due to the high temperature in this process, tars, oils, hydrocarbons and other potential allergens are removed.
  • Highly Absorbent & Saving Time Cleaning Horse Bedding: Pine pellets have high density. The wet spot I horse stall will actually clump for quickly and easily be removes. Usually, 4-5 inches of depth in stall us recommended, as this makes horse bedding trap urine quickly and avoid wet spot’s spreading. As a result, it saves a lot of time cleaning horse beddings.
  • Make Pine Pellets into Manure Working for You: With pine pellets, not only will you be reducing the amount of waste produced, you can be turning manure into money. Because pine wood pellets break down much easier than wood shavings and sawdust, composting is a viable solution for anyone. Composting converts manure and other waste into nutrient-rich, time-release fertilizer that is great for the land, plants and the disposal of waste.

Feline Pine Pellet for Cat Litter Box

Using feline pine pellet in cat litter box improves health of both the cat and the owner, as pine pellets are dust-free and healthier for cats and their lungs (and their owners). Moreover, pine wood pellets have strong absorbency and controls urine and ammonia odors (which are the main cause of cat litter smell) with a pleasant natural pine scent. And the cat doesn’t have smell or shavings in their long fur, because pine pellets break apart and turn into sawdust allowing the urine to dry and sink into the bottom of the litter box along with the smell.

Compared with the clay-based cat litter, pine pellet cat litter is lighter in weight, and easy for the aged to change and scoop. When cleaning a pine kitty litter, the mess can be flushed into the toilet, because pine will not clump like clay cat litters do. And when it’s time to completely empty the litter box it can be dumped outside and used as mulch in the garden or around trees and shrubs. Here, one thing to keep in mind is that the wood pellets will expand as they absorb feline urine, so make sure you do not overfill the litter box.
pine pellets for cat litter

If you also want to make pine pellets, whatever for your own uses or for selling in pellet market, we would like to try our best to help you solve any problem you encounter. Just feel free to contact us!

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