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How to build a wood pellet silo at home?

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Wood pellets are clean and high-efficiency fuels. They have high calorific value, low ash and smoke emission. They are high-density solid compressed by sawdust or straws.

The energy content of wood pellets is 4.75kWh/kg, similar with briquettes’ 4.8kWh/kg. Wood pellets are usually bought by tons or kilograms. On average:

Use of wood pellets

Wood pellets can be used in pellet stoves that connect with pipes and heating radiators to form a central heating system. It can also be used in biomass boilers for power generation or industrial production, as an alternative for coal and oil. You can simply transform your old boilers to make it adapt to pellet fuel.

For large wood pellet consumers, they order wood pellets from wholesalers. The wood pellets are packaged in bags, transported by trucked, and directly sent to the storage silo.

pellet storage silo pellet transported by truck

Store the wood pellets in a wood pellet silo

To store enough wood pellets for biomass boilers, you need to prepare a storage silo. Fill the silo with large sacks of wood pellets every few weeks according to your consumption. Equip the wood pellet silo with a screw conveyor to feed wood pellets to the boilers.

The picture below is a pellet storage silo filled by hand, whose capacity is 1t. The wood pellets in it is transmitted to the boiler by a screw conveyor. So you should build the storage silo near the boiler.

wood pellet silo screw conveyor for the silo

You can buy wood or metal storage silo in the market, but you can also make one with an oil drum or a 500-litre wheelie bin. The picture below is a homemade silo. It is a wheelie bin with the capacity of 500kg.

homemade pellet silo wood pellet silo

If you haven’t built up a wood pellet silo, you can store the pellet in a roofed outhouse temporarily.

Requirement for a wood pellet silo

wood pellet silo design

Notes on wood pellet silo design

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