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The advantages of coal biomass hybrid power generation

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Coal and biomass hybrid power generation has 3 methods, direct co-firing, biomass gasification and co-firing, and parallel power generation of coal boiler and biomass boiler. Usually it adopts pulverized coal fired boiler or circulating fluidized bed boiler. The cost varies with different methods.

Direct co-firing can use existing coal power units, so it is more economical than specialized biomass power generator. Biomass gasification is to turn biomass materials into combustible gas through chemical reaction at high temperature. Then the gas was sent to the boiler and co-fire with coals. Gasification can improve the power generation efficiency and reduce pollution emission.

biomass power plant

The advantages of coal biomass hybrid power system

Coal biomass hybrid power system can make full use of the equipment and system of existing fuel-power plant, such as boiler, steam turbine and auxiliary system. It only need to be upgraded and equipped with a biomass fuel processing system, so the initial investment is low.

Coal biomass hybrid power generation project doesn’t require additional areas outside the power plant, while specialized biomass power generation project requires new floor space.

Biomass hybrid power generation project can make full use of the existing electricity and heating supply market of the coal-fired power plant.

The continuous operation of a specialized biomass power plant depends entirely on the supply of biomass fuel, while coal biomass hybrid power plants have 2 fuel sources, and reduce the risk of fuel shortage. Therefore, power plants adopting coal and biomass co-firing have stronger bargaining power.

Compared with specialized biomass power generation, biomass and coal co-firing have lower investment and operation cost. To apply coal biomass hybrid power system in large and high-efficiency coal power plant is an economical way to reduce CO2 emission.

Coal biomass hybrid power generation can achieve high efficiency by making full use of the large capacity and high steam volume of coal power plant. The power generation efficiency can achieve the highest level of coal-fired power plant.

Advantages of biomass hybrid power generation over biomass direct combustion

Higher efficiency

Compared with traditional biomass direct-fired power generation, biomass hybrid power generation has higher efficiency. It uses the existing large-capacity and large-efficiency generator set of the coal-fired power plant, and achieves high power generation efficiency of 40%-46%. For example, the coal biomass hybrid power plant based on cogeneration units can achieve power generation efficiency as high as 70%.

Low pollution emission

Coal biomass hybrid power system can use the existing desulfurization and denitrification facilities of the coal-fired plant, so as to lower the pollution emission like SO2, NOX and smoke.

Mature technology

Coal biomass hybrid power generation has mature technology and wide application. As long as you control the coal and biomass in reasonable proportion, they won’t do any harm to the working efficiency and safety of the coal-fired unit.

Stable supply of fuel

Coal biomass hybrid power system adopts 2 kinds of fuel. It reduce the power plants’ reliance on biomass fuel, increase the bargaining power. It can guarantee the purchase of biomass fuel and reduce cost.

Low cost

Coal biomass power system is constructed by transformation of the coal-fired power plant. It can make full use of the communal facilities of the power plant and save investment. The operation management of biomass power generation can be included in the scope of co-fired plant, so as to reduce the operation cost.

coal biomass co-firing plant

The prospect of coal biomass hybrid power generation

With the progress of technology, the power generation method is evolving. Biomass hybrid power generation is a smart way to deal with the agriculture wastes in rural areas. Besides, it can reduce the consumption of coals, and reduce the power generation cost. By these means, we can gradually relive our reliance on fossil fuel, and enlarge the proportion of renewable energy.

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