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1 ton/h sawdust pellet plant in Bulgaria

In Oct. 2017, Gemco completed the sawdust pellet plant project in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. The production capacity is 1 ton/h. The raw material are beeches, the production process include wood chipping, crushing, drying fine pulverizing, pelletizing, cooling, sifting and packing.

sawdust pellet plant in Bulgaria gemco sawdust pellet plant
sawdust pellet plant in Bulgaria | Rotary drum dryer and cyclone
wood pellet plant workshop sawdust pellets
hammer mill and cyclone | Sawdust Pellets

Advantages of Gemco Sawdust pellet plant in Bulgaria

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Founded in 1997, Gemco is a professional biomass equipment manufacturer and supplier. Our production line includes flat die pellet mill, ring die pellet mill, briquette press, wood hammer mill, flash dryer, vibrating sifter, pellet cooler, pellet packer, etc. Besides, we can build customized wood pellet plant based on your situation and requirement. The above is a successful project we accomplished in Bulgaria. If you have interest or demands, please contact us in the form below.

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