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Integrated sawmill and pellet production plant in Sweden

Gemco has built an integrated sawmill and pellet production plant in Katrineholm, Sweden. The sawmill process about 165,000 m3 of timbers every year, with 85% of the finished products exported.

The pellet production plant can produce 45,000 metric tons of pellets every year. These pellets are sold to heating plants, and residents for heating system use.

This pellet production plant is equipped with a 15-MW heating system to dry the sawdust materials prior to pelletizing. These sawdust is mainly comes from on-site milling operation.

The following pictures are details of the pellet plant.
Log debarking
Log debarking system
sawdust by products
The by-product of sawmill——sawdust.
sawdust transporting
The sawdust is transported from the sawmill to the pellet plant by a large bucket loader.
sawdust solio
The sawdust is stored in a large solio.
large drum dryer
The sawdust moisture content is lower from 55% to 10% by a large drum dryer.
raw material conveyor
The dried sawdust is transmitted to a pellet plant by a conveyor.
large pellet mill
large pellet mill
The pelletizing system is composed of 2 ring die pellet mill. The combined capacities are 7tons/hour. 
electric motor pellet mill
The large pellet mill is driven by a large electric motor.
ring die
The ring die of pellet mill has a working life of 1000 -1500 hours.
pellet production plant
Sawdusts are fed at the top, produced pellets drop on the conveyor belt at the bottom.
automatic pellet packing system
There is an automatic pellet packing machine next to the pellet mills. 
loading pallets
The bagged pellets are loaded by the pallets. 
pellet bags
The sawdust pellets are packaged in 16kg bags suitable for swedish market. 
Besides, the bags are labeled with different lables targeting at multi-country markets. 
well packaged pellets
The well-packaged pellets are stacked outside the warehouse, wating to be delievered in the heating seasons. 

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