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Gemco small wood pellet plant for foreign aid project

In Feb. 2018, a special client ordered an small wood pellet plant from Gemco. He lives in Shandong. He is engaged in China’s foreign aid project. This wood pellet plant is to export to Africa at low price to support local economic development. This Chinese client will acquire subsidies for these foreign aid project.

With the increasing influence of China, more and more customers import machinery from China. China also launched different types of foreign aid project. As an influential and responsible company, Gemco takes an active part in these project. We have rich wood pellet machine export experience, with hundreds of customers in Asia, America, Europe, Africa and Australia.

This small wood pellet plant is our independently developed product, as well as one of Gemco’s best selling products. It integrates all processes to make wood pellets, including raw material crushing, conveying, mixing, pelletizing, sieving, and cooling. Besides, it is equipped with a variable frequency regulator to control the workflow of wood pellet production.

Specifications of Gemco small wood pellet plant

Model Capacity (kg/h) Pellet Diameter (mm) Power (kw) Size (mm)
MPL300 250-350 6-12 41.25 3500*1960*3500
MPL400 350-450 6-12 49.25 3500*1960*3500

gemco small wood pellet plant
Wood pellet plant for China aid project
China aid project
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