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Difference Between Two Kinds of Flat Die Pellet Mills

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Flat die pellet mill is widely used at home or on farm mainly because of their advantages of light weight and compact structure. As its name suggested, the die in the pellet mill is flat and horizontally installed. However, flat die pellet mill has two kinds of different structures of rollers and flat die.Consequently, flat die pellet mill can ne divided into two kinds: die-turned (also called die-driven) flat die pellet mill and roller-turned (also called roller-driven) flat die pellet mill.

Though die-turned pellet mill and roller-turned pellet mill have similarity, and that someone may say it is purely opinion as to whether the driven die or the driven roller variety is better, the fact is that they have much difference.

Structural Difference Between Pelletizers

As for the die-driven flat die pellet mill, the rollers are stationary and the flat die rotates. When making pellets, the die rotates to move raw material powders under the rollers to be pressed into the small holes of the flat die to form pellets. Below is the structural pictures of die-driven flat die pellet mill.
Die-driven Flat Die Pellet Mill
die-driven flat die pellet mill die-driven flat die pellet mill

While for the roller-driven pellet mill, the die is stationary while the rollers rotate when making pellets. The powders of the raw material fall directly into the area between the die and the rollers. As rotating, the rollers push and compress the powders into the die’s holes to form pellets. And as for this process, the pushing plates beside the rollers ensure that the raw materials are evenly distributed and compressed by the rollers. The following are the pictures of roller-driven flat die pellet mill.
Roller-driven Flat Die Pellet Mill
roller-driven flat die pellet mill roller-driven flat die pellet mill

Price of Pellet Mill

Generally speaking, die-driven flat die pellet mill is a little cheaper than the roller-driven type. This is mainly because their different structure and that the roller-driven pellet mill’s range of raw material for making pellets is wider.

Raw Material for Making Pellets

The raw materials for making biomass pellets with these two kinds of flat die pellet mill are basically the same, nearly all the common biomass materials at hand, except that the roller-driven flat die pellet mill can also make pellets from hardwood, as the roller-driven design ensures more powerful compression on raw materials.

Final Pellets

The final pellets made by these two flat die pellet mills have little difference. The pellets made by the roller-driven pellet mill have a little smoother surface, higher density and higher combustion value. While pellets made by die-driven pellet machine are usually for daily needs for heating, warming and other common usages at one’s own home.

GEMCO Flat Die Pellet Mill

As a leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier of pellet mills, GEMCO has been professional for more than ten years and devoted into the research and development of biomass pellet making lines ever since!

GEMCO die-driven flat die pellet mill is basically a standard version, and it has a straight design and function to make qualified pellets from different biomass raw materials. However, roller-driven type is pro version pellet mill and it has a smarter die, roller movement profile and a superb gearbox. Therefore, the freshly new starters usually choose die-turned flat die pellet mill, and customer who have made pellets before usually choose R-type flat die pellet mill. And one important thing that deserves notice is that both types of GEMCO flat die pellet mill have earned good reputation among our customers!

GEMCO flat die pellet mills (both die-driven and roller-driven) have high quality, competitive price, stable running and makes good pellets. Besides, these pellet mills enjoy many advantages, such as: high capacity, high efficiency, low power consumption, low noise and long service life. GEMCO flat die pellet mill deserves your first choice, and you will be surely satisfied with GEMCO machinery, too!

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