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The application and prospect of biomass pellet fuel

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As we know, sawdust pellets is a kind of biomass fuel, which belongs to new energy. Sawdust pellets have many applications in our daily life. They can be used to generate electricity, supply heat and drive vehicles, etc.

The Application of biomass fuel in Europe

Generate electricity

In 2011, Germany’s electricity generated by biomass fuel amount to the quantity generated by 3.235 million petroleum. It owns the highest share in EU, accounting for 28.37%. Finland takes up 15.29% the use of biomass energy in generate electricity. In China, biomass energy only contributes 0.4% of the power generation.

biomass power plant

Supply heat

In 2011, EU heat supplied by biomass energy amount to 69.719 million ton petroleum. It occupy 13.75% of the total heat supply.

biomass fuel supply heat


In 2011, The amount of biofuels used for transportation in the EU is equal to 13.958 million petroleum. It account for 4.69% of the traffic energy.

biofuel power car

The Application of biomass fuel in China

Compare with Europe, China lags far behind in biofuel usage. China already has technical advantages in this industry, but it hasn’t put it into practice in large scale.

In Europe, biofuel has already developed into a big industry. It has taken efforts to create demand for biofuel, and make substantial investment on it. Large demand and low cost drive the rise of biomass energy market. But in China, The development of biofuel encounter obstacles for the lack of incentive policy.

The prospects of biomass pellets

Currently, the retail price of sawdust pellets in the USA is 170USD/ton (280USD/ton in 2006), and 150 USD/ton in Sweden.

In China, the biomass market is not stable. In Guangdong, the wholesale price of sawdust pellets is 750-850 RMB/ton. In Dalian, the wholesale price of sawdust pellets is 700-750 RMB/ton, and straw pellets is 430-600RMB/ton. The price in Beijing is about 650RMB/ton.

price of wood pellets

China government has drawn a plan to make sawdust pellets a high quality fuel in 2020, and increase the annual consumption of pellet fuel to 50 million ton to take the place of 30 million tons of coal. This is also an important policy to relive environment pollution. In rural and some urban areas, many families have installed cookers that burns biomass pellets. In the near future, this convenient, energe-efficient, non-pollutant green energy will come into local market and various shops.

Biomass fuel is expected to become an important fuel in our daily life, owing to its environmental effect and renewability. The raw materials for making biomass pellets include sawdust, straw, rice husk, grass, peanut shell, paper, branches, etc. The common equipment for making biomass pellets includes hammer mill, pellet machine, screw conveyor, counterflow cooler, pellet packing machine. GEMCO can provide complete wood pellet production equipment and independent machinery.

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The prospect of biomass pellet machine

Since China has advocated low-carbon and environmental-friendly economy, the pellet machine and other biomass equipment are in high demand. In recent years, the production and sales keep in high-speed growth. China has become the largest market of biomass equipment all over the world.

But biomass pellet machine remains some disadvantages. The equipment cost and power consumption is relatively high. Some biomass pellet fuels cannot meet the national requirement on energy conservation and emission reduction. In this regard, to reduce the production cost and increase pellet quality become the development direction.

The government requirement and market demand makes the biomass pellet machine a promising and eye-catching industry. It is an great opportunity to make investment on biomass equipment, you are sure to benefit from it. If you have interests or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through the form on the bottom.

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