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Standard for judging the quality of pellets

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Standard for judging the quality of pellets

The quality of the pellets is an important criterion for the compaction effect of the pellet machine. There are many kinds of ingredients, so the quality and appearance of the formed pellets will be different. How should we judge? In addition to the degree of color and density of the pellets, we can also judge from the following points.

Pellet Stability

corn bran pellets
Pigeon feed pellet
Particle stability mainly refers to the property of the pellets to maintain the original geometry during cooling, classification, transport and storage after molding. Good particles retain their original physical and chemical properties throughout the process.
The test method is to take a container which can hold at least 1 liter of water and weigh it. Fill the container with the pellets, weigh the weight again, subtract the net weight of the container, and divide the weight of the filled water with the weight of the filled pellets. The calculation of qualified pellets should be between 0.6 and 0.7 kg/l, which can also be considered as the specific gravity of the pellets. It is a very important parameter that indicates whether the pressure is correct or not when making the pellets. For those unqualified pellets, this value will be less than 0.6, they are very easy to break and smash, and will produce a lot of powder.

The Moisture Content

The proper moisture content is a guarantee of good palatability of the feed, and too high moisture will be detrimental to the storage of the pellets. The moisture content of the qualified pellets is less than 10%, and from a mechanical point of view, the density is very high and strong. A simple method for detecting the quality of the pellet is to place the pellets in a cup of water, and if they sink to the bottom, it is proved that the density is sufficiently high and the pressure applied during forming is sufficient. However, if the pellets float on the water, it proves that the density is very low and the quality is poor. From a mechanical point of view, its durability is very poor, it is very easy to smash, or become powder.
straw pellets
white pine pellets

The Degree of Maturity

Higher particle ripening is beneficial to the overall absorption of feed nutrients by animals, and this indicator is mainly determined by the degree of gelatinization of starch.

The Appearance of Pellets

Users can directly observe the surface smoothness of the pellets, the color of the pellets, the consistency of the length, etc. to judge the quality.

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