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How to store straw pellet mill

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A lot of customers have such a question, when bought the straw pellet mill machine, if there is no work, or after a working period of time not temporary, we should store the pellet machine. What questions should be given? Here we simply introduce it. 
When storing biomass pellets, first and the important is to prevent the fire and moisture. For the pellet machine is the same, the moisture and fire are the two special important indicators to be considered when we save.

Moisture holder 

Everyone knows that pellets in the event of humidity will loose, which will affect the combustion effect. The air contains water, especially in the rainy season, the humidity of the air is greater, and the storage of particles is less adverse. Therefore, when the purchase of the pellet machine, try to choose the weather sunny, do not need to consider the effect of rainwater weather on the pellet machine. If you want to save money to buy ordinary packaging biomass particles, then when we save, the straw particles are not good in the open space. If raining, we should move back to the house. We must know that the straw participants oppose about 10% of water and we have to ensure that the storage rooms are dry and no water. 
biomass power plant

Second: the fire 

Everyone has known the particles of the straw pellet mill machine for the combustion. They are flammable, can not fire. Otherwise, they will cause a disaster. After purchasing a biomass particle machine, do not accumulate around the boiler. It should be responsible. Check-in time to check if there is a security risk. At home, adults should pay special attention to care, do not let the child naughty and cause the fire. In addition, the warehouse should be equipped with fire extinguishing equipment. Fire safety, everyone has a responsibility! 

Straw pellet mill machine installation and operation 

A case is to check the straw pellet mill machine's power outlet, the plug and power cord is seized or damaged. If not, please insert the power supply test machine. When the motor is energized, gently move the wheel when it can move, it can be determined that one of the two start capacitors of the machine has a capacity missing effect. In this case, only the new product is replaced. 

What should pay attention to the installation and operation of the straw pellet mill machine? 

First, the straw pellet mill machine is energized and does not move and can exterior exchange force, but emits weak from the motor, which is caused by leakage of the start capacitor. If the current is loud, the motor root can not be started, and the start up capacitor is shorted. In the absence of an instrument, the capacitor can be first removed and the two leads are inserted into the zero and front jacks of the power supply to charge the capacitor and then short-circuits and discharge the two leads. If the discharge spark, you can send a discharge spark, very loud, you can use the name of the capacitor; if the spark and sound are weak, the capacity of the nominal capacitance will fall, you need to replace it or add a small capacitor. If the capacitor is damaged, the short circuit can not be used. It is necessary to repair the law by replacing new products with the same specifications. 
 When we use the pellet machine processing components, due to the different components, the size of the drying network is different. The load of the host is different, so it is necessary to maintain the host after time. This is also the reason for the use of the host to use. At this point the home effect of the feeder is done well, he has an automatic adjustment device, he will encounter different components when the automatic adjustment of the host power to protect the host. When using the stalk particle machine, it is necessary to see whether the machine's power supply is good. This is not only to protect the particle machine. Mainly protect people's safety. If the power supply problems, it is likely to burn the stab's pellet machine's host and adapter. This question is seen many times, but there are still many people do not pay attention to this problem. When the machine is running, we should not shake the machine because the machine is running uniformly in the drying machine. If the drying machine will shake after shaking, then through the pellet machine products will be very unwilling, we produce straw particles will install anti-shaking devices, which can protect the product of the product meets the standard, welcome customers to our factory visit.
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